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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 24, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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open opportunity, each generation -- >> sorry. five years, one hour later, i'm not convinced. i doubt you are, either. the same cliches, bumper stickers and slogans. sorry to have to burden you with that tonight. thanks for being with us. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be burdened, here's greta. have a good night. good evening. phoney tactics or phoney scan l scandals? >> i frankly do not know how you can sit through a speech like this and not say to yourself, i've been hearing this for five years. >> we need to put behind us the distractions and phoney debates and nonsense. >> phoney scandals that have captured the attention of many here in washington, only to dissipate. >> the phoney scandals that have consumed so much attention here all to come to naught.
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>> they don't seem to be fake, and a lot of people don't think they're fake, and it's rough when you say that, because everybody knows what's going on in washington. >> i'm here to say, this needs to stop. >> fake scandals, phoney scandals. >> phoney debates. with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phoney scandals. washington has taken its eye off the ball. >> washington has taken its eye off the ball. he is washington. >> well, you heard it. phoney. both the president and his press secretary using the exact same word. could it be any more obvious that they cooked this one up together? phoney to describe very real problems. carl joins us. good evening, carl. >> good evening, greta. >> with four dead americans, we have the tea party and other services touted by the irs, we have journalists whose personal records have been invaded and media relations whose phone
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records are invaded. i don't understand the two of them calling it phoney, do you? >> i don't, either, because in politics, if you have public opinion in a certain place and you want to change public opinion, you don't go and confront it directly by telling people they're stupid. that's essentially what they've said to the american people today, the american people believe there is a problem with the irs, people want answers with benghazi, people don't like what the administration did in going after the phone records of 100 ap reporters and then trying to indict james rosen, our fox colleague. if the administration wants to turn attention away from those things and on to the economy, there is a more artful way to do it. but frankly, i think what they're doing is, i think they've made a conscious effort that the economy is so bad that they're not pivoting to the economy, what they're doing is pivoting to a political talk in which they're going to try and say, republicans aren't paying attention to business, we need to pay attention to business,
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but they're just using the economy as an excuse to go out there and say, we're not washington, we're not part of the games going on there, we're not involved in political posturing, but i think it's going to fail and fall flat badly. >> you know, carl, the thing i don't get is that you can disagree politically with people, but you know, the american people, actually a lot of them, really do give a damn about the fact that four americans are dead. i can tell you where there are four americans dead in prince georges county or anywhere around here, and when i go back to the records and see jay kearney saying things -- i went back to his records in 2012, he said, let's be clear, these reactions are on a video spread to the region. that was the silliest thing anyone ever heard, and anyone with a brain knows that was stupid. then they don't have the decency or the transparency to get to the bottom of it and the best they can do is call it phony? then the irs jerks you around
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and that's phony, and they make less of you because you might not care? maybe people don't care. >> well, they do. in fact, i thought it was instructive when they could blame the irs scandal on a couple rogue agents in cincinnati. even the president said it was terrible and it ought to stop right away. when it became apparent it wasn't a couple rogue agents in cincinnati but instead a variety of offices across the country, from california to baltimore, the closer it gets to the top of the irs, the more the administration has been saying, oh, this is nothing, don't worry about it. but that wasn't where they were at the beginning of this. let's be clear. >> go ahead. >> let's be clear. there is one other thing -- there are two other things going on here. one is that the economy is not good. we are in the worst recovery in the recorded economic history of the united states. at the current rate of job creation, it will take us 11
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months to get back to the number of people working in december of 2007 when the recession started. 11 more months. and in the meantime, those seven years, depending on what economist you listen to, between 8 to 12 million additional americans will have entered the work force without a job. so it will take us seven years to get back to where we were when we started, which is terrible, compared to every previous economic recovery that we've recorded in america, and in the meantime, we'll have that many more people, 8 to 12 million, without a job. at the current rate of manufacturing job creation which is just over 2,000, about 2,417 a month over the last year, it will take us 60 years to get back to the number of people who are in manufacturing. and what's even worse is, take a look at this. thus far this year we've averaged about 21,700 new full-time jobs a month being created in america, and 93,000 part-time jobs. as business is trying to avoid the impact of obamacare by hiring part-time hourly workers
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and giving them less than 30 hours a week. this is one of the big things that the administration is trying to draw attention away fro from. the recovery that they promised us is lousy and the administration has no plans, no thoughts, no deeper plans, no proposals to get us out of this except more talk. >> you know, i don't dispute that the job is hard to be president of the united states. and i don't dispute the fact that he's got political opponents, that's part of having a two-party system. whichever party is empowered, the other is an opponent. but to me the thought of leadership is that you recognize the difference, you recognize the obstacles. you don't go out and try to blame and say it's somebody else or say it's the institution of washington. instead you use your leadership skills to sort of overcome and rise above it and actually create a product, a good record, and not sort of just go out there and just talk. >> no, look, this guy can't do anything except go give a speech, blame somebody else and
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talk about political posturing while he is spending over an hour politically posturing. this is just -- and look, let's be clear. he is setting up another fight. there is the fight. the senate has proposed spending that according to the president's plan, one in $50 billion a year, the house has a plan for $157 bhillion, there i a $90 billion difference between the two and the president wants to spend more money. so he's laying the predicate that we need all these essential investments so our economy gets going right. look, borrowing $91 billion more this year and spend ing it on hs little programs is not going to get america going again. we need to put our fiscal house in order, and he began to lay the predicate for a budget battle later this year with the house republicans and the senate republicans saying we're going to fund the government at current level, which is $967 billion of discretionary spending, and with the
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administration saying, no, no, no, we need to increase the spending and get ready to sequester. the president las racerated the sequester saying it was one of the worse things that could have happened, but it was his idea. and now he's trying to gain political spending. >> the political resolution is really the fight in ernest, but i was thinking if i put myself in the president's shoes, what would i be doing? would i be going out and insulting my opponents so they would dig their heels in, or would i invite the white house, not going to the midwest and taking a pot shot at them, or work them over and hustle them? we're going to talk to eric canter. i said, have you heard from the president? no. how does anyone expect the president to get anything done when all they do is take pot shots and the president was the
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star pot shotter today. if he was trying to alien ate the other side, he did a good job. >> that's right. look, it's one thing to take a pot shot, it's another thing to question moefstives. that speech was riddled with motives on his opponents. the president ought to rise above that. the president ought to be the last person that questions the motives of the people he works with. i think that's what this is all about. this is all about setting up a political battle, trying to win score -- a good score with the public but not really trying to get anything done. and the problem is, the president has a very weak hand to play if that's his goal. because all the republicans need to do is keep sending him continuing resolutions at the $967 billion current law level and say, mr. president, why do you want to increase spending? there is no need.
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we are in trouble. we got a bad deficit, we got to pay this money back. we don't need to borrow $91 billion more to spend on your initiatives. if you want to spend on something new, then let's cut out something on something old. that's a good hand to play for the republicans this fall. >> well, i was watching all the social media today when he was speaking, and i was watching, of course, e-mails coming into my e-mail. fox news watchers are conservative, they're not particularly fans of the president, but i look through them and some of them were quite thoughtful and some were saying, look, he talks about helping the middle class. it was the middle class dollars that sent him out there. to go to the midwest and give this bloody speech, it cost a f fortune to create a bigger problem in washington. it would have been much more effective to try t problem here and win his viewpoint here. >> we have many problems that need to be addressed. this is the first economic
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recovery in the economic recorded history in the united states in which the median household income has declined. today the president talked about some potential solutions. like he said, we're going to work with congress to rein in fannie and freddie, phase them out. he's had now almost five years to propose a plan to do that. he has yet to propose a plan, but republicans in the house and senate are working on a plan to do exactly that. the president said, well, we're going to do something about student loan rates. he has been the guy sitting on the sideline while house and senate republicans and democrats in a bipartisan effort have come up with a proposal and pushed it through in many instances against the president's people threatening a veto. so, you know, this was a political speech. it was more about the midterm elections than it was about policy, it was more about his poll numbers rather than america's job numbers, and i got to tell you, it was thin. it was not a particularly well-crafted speech. he seemed to be rambling. maybe the speech writers are getting a little worn out there.
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maybe he could help reduce the unemployment rate by finding a couple of qualified new speech writers and hiring them, except that would probably run up the federal deficit even higher. >> last night we had reverend michael faulkner who has a church in harlem, and i asked him about the bush administration deliberately so it didn't look like i was trying to blame it on president obama, and i said, how about the inner city, the poor people in the country, are they better off now, are things getting better? and he said, no, they're getting worse. so the things we think are helping people, they're not working. so whatever solutions we need to change here. let me ask you some news about obamacare and some of this might make people angry, but according to the associated press, the obama administration is about to spend almost $700 million on a national marketing campaign for obamacare. carl, several million dollars to
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market. $700 million. really? >> sure, there are a lot of people out there without health insurance, but they don't want all of them signing up. they're focused on getting 2.7 million people who are under the age of 35 signed up. now, why is that important? it's important because under the new obamacare law, the affordable care act, younger, healthier workers will pay a higher premium than they would otherwise in order to subsidize the coverage for older, less healthy americans. so what they've got to do in order to make the numbers work is they've got to get out and get 2.7 million young people to sign up so they're paying in more money than they would otherwise and then that makes the numbers look better as they start to sign up. >> i've got an idea and it's not going to cost $700 million. i did a little math. president obama, kim kardashian and oprah, if you take all their twitter accounts, they reach 88
7:14 pm
million people on twitter. reach out to their friends and they'll reach more than the u.s. population. i realize not everybody is on twitter, but go to the nfl and ask for 15 seconds of the game and give it to them for free. tell the churches and attach something -- what? it's not going to cost $70 million. >> part of the point is to reward his political allies. this is being run by veterans of his political campaign and they're hiring community groups around the country, aka their political allies, and they're putting some money in their pockets. they're hiring community activists in the state of texas, i think the number is 700,000 in california. look, they're going to run a bunch of television ards. i wrote a column about this in the wall street journal. they're buying new orleans and charlotte, north carolina. they're not buying los angeles, they're not buying new york, they're not buying chicago, they're not buying boston, they're not buying san francisco, they're not buying
7:15 pm
six of the ten largest markets in america, but they're going to buy tv ads to sing the praises of obamacare in new orleans and in charlotte, north carolina. what about those markets? those are in battleground states with u.s. senate races where the democrat incumbent voted for obamacare and is defending their vote. they're buying a bunch of markets in states with republican governors who are up for election next year. they're not buying them in the biggest markets, they're not buying them in los angeles or new york, but they're buying them in places where it will have a political impact. $700 million. watch it. by the time they finish, it will be north of a billion dollars. it could be north of a billion and a half dollars being spent for advertising and political help in order to shore up the president's political base and reward his political allies. look, they were talking about how they were going to use the same microtargeting techniques they used in the election run by the same guy to target their political allies and these young people to get them signed up to try and make the numbers work.
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and they're talking about signing up a number of people that is way less than the number that they promised would be signed up in the first year that the law was fully informed when they passed the bill back in 2010. >> i just got to add two new things to my program because it not going to cost a dime. you can put a sticker on the food stamps and tell the people that get food stamps and you can ask the churches for help. here i'm going to be sarcastic. lois leonard is still on the government payroll. she's got nothing to do. bring her in and let her use a food bank. and those people who download porn instead try to help notify people, but that's being sarcastic. >> you are being sarcastic. one other serious fact about this. remember, the next year they have taken the employer mandate and delayed it one year. that's because when the employer mandate comes into force, it will encourage a lot of small businesses to dump their employer-provided coverage. they didn't want to have that
7:17 pm
happen in an election year. the other thing they'll have to deal with is this, though. a lot of people will be signing up for the affordable care act, oba obamacare, affordable health care act are going to think it's entirely free. but everybody who signs up for the affordable care act is going to have to pay a premium. and that premium could be over $1,000 a year. and what i think we're going to do is find a lot of people who say, wait a minute, i thought this was going to be free. now that it's going to cost a lot of money out of my pocket that i can't afford, i'm not going to pick up the insurance. and that's going to be a problem. >> carl, as always, thank you. >> you bet. thank you, greta. now to tonight's hot button issue on do you think $7 million should be spent on marketing promotion for obamacare. go to and vote in our poll right now. $7 million. do you think that should be spent? it's not just the president.
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jay carney also calling the scandal phony. eric cantore saying the white house has just decided to hang it up. what does the majority leader mean by that? plus, taylor swift fans are seeing red. what did the singer just do that has her fans so steamed? you have to hear this one. [poof!] [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room. there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
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. do you think the irs scandal is phony? jay carney answered that specific question. >> what we've seen is inappropriate activity that the president came out and forcefully said he would not tolerate and that he installed somebody at the irs to take care of. what we have seen from
7:22 pm
republicans is cherry-picked information based on investigations that turns out to be only one side of the story. it's demonstrated by the way the press has, you know, gotten extremely excited about the potential for a scandal and basically dropped it when the facts have come out. the president will not tolerate poor performance or inappropriate activity at any agency, and when he finds out about it, he acts on it. but he's focused on the economy, joe, he's not focused on pretend scandals that people at capitol hill want to turn into sk skirmishes. >> obviously he got the memo. he used the term phony scandals just like the president uses the word phony. your response? >> there is nothing phony about four murdered americans in benghazi, and if there is, i encourage him to look at the autopsy murders. there is nothing phony about the murder at the border.
7:23 pm
there is nothing phony about idealogy, there is nothing phony about a program that almost failed on the house floor because people don't trust his administration. there is nothing phony about bonuses being paid to irs employees. so whether you want to go fast and furious, benghazi, people have begun to lose trust in the institutions of government, and if they want to use the word phony for that, they need to get out of washington more and go to real america. >> i'll tell you what i thought was funny and i thought perhaps worse when jay carney says, i think what we've seen is inappropriate activity that the president came out and forcefully said he would not tolerate. so what if he forcefully says it. why doesn't he do something? they denied it, did the silly story on the video. the irs thing, i've got all notes from jay carney. he said they were rogue agents from cincinnati. that's not true. they almost spit in your face
7:24 pm
like you're stupid or something. >> well, there have been six iterations of a defense in the irs case. but remember, lois learner disclosed at a conference, that's how we learned about it. then we went into it was two rogue agents, then it went to, well, it was a progressive group so we're targeted to not just conservative groups, so as long as we treat two different sets of people improperly, at least it's not discrimination. now the new defense is, well, the president himself didn't know about it. if that's the new standard for i am -- impropriety in this town, that the president didn't even know about it? >> if they had been denied right at the get-go, then they could have appealed it to another part of the irs. instead, what was so sadistic about this and so painful, they
7:25 pm
were in this no man's land and they couldn't appeal it. they would have been far better off if the irs agents, whoever was involved in this, however high it went, if they simply said no and denied it so they could appeal it. but instead they strung them out. >> that suggested more culpability, and you're right, it's as if they just gave up. these are average american citizens engaged in the political process, and if they do what they're supposed to do which is file an application and they're given a set of questions that no one else had been given and they're slow-walked and some of them just wind up giving up and all they wanted to do was participate, just participate in the political process. i thought we encouraged that in this country. >> i'd like to have the president sit down and jay carney sit down with some of these americans -- i've met some of them -- and say their real concerns, whether it's an irs concern or border agent and say their problems are phony. i'd like to have the president have the guts to look some of these people in the face who believe whatever they're doing
7:26 pm
that they're problems are phony. >> i'll tell you this, greta, you were in the criminal justice system. i was, too. if you want to sit down with brian terry's mother and look her in the eyes and say, this scandal is phony, fast and furious. how about the innocent mexicans who we don't know their names but at least 200 who have been killed because of guns we sent into mexico and call that phony. or four americans who went because we asked them to represent us in a foreign land. and their world is set on fire and they're murdered in libya. you call that phony. i dare him to look ty woods' father in the face and say this is a phony scandal. >> the funny thing is all these scandals could be resolved very quickly with true transparency. pulling information like you're pulling teeth, that's what drags them out and altogether things where they sort of divert you onto videos or cincinnati or whatever. that's what drags these out. if they just put the information out on day one, that would be the end of it.
7:27 pm
>> this is what i love about the american people. they are for giving. if you make a mistake, they will forgive you. what they won't forgive you for is lying to them. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. coming up, the president has new trouble tonight. he has to pick between making a poor strategic decision or making an honest decision. he can't do both. lindsey graham is here to talk about it. also they'll never get back together. taylor swift breaking a fan's heart, but it's not what you think. stay tuned. american express credit card,
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7:32 pm
why? well, thaelts tt's the problem. the assistance act of 1991 says anyone like morsi is deposed by a military coup. so is the overthrow of the egyptian president a military coup? let's look at the statute. is the military overthrow of president morsi a military coup? >> i think it is. you got the president that was elected by the popular vote and some other location in control of the military, and the military basically disbanded the government. but having said that, morsi was taking the country in a terrible direction. he had a chance to bring egypt together and he started passing all these sort of radical islamic laws rather than creating jobs for the egyptians, so the military intervened because the country was about to fall apart. but yeah, i can't sit here and say it's not a coup. >> so what do we want to do? strategically we would rather send the f-16s to the military
7:33 pm
defense because it's the best that israel has, but we can't because it's a mill tear coup. >> we're going to allow it to pass but there are limits on it. >> are we just going to pass the bill and ignore it? >> i think they're going to say they're not going to get any money until they start down the road of holding new elections. >> how does that get past the problem because we still have a military coup? do we look the other way? >> this is just lindsey graham's opinion that it's a military coup. syria is about to overtake the entire region, taking jordan down, and egypt could be a failed state. >> all i talk about is sudan but we'll deal with that another night. >> denying the sale right now is probably the right thing to do. the goal is to get the military to turn the country back over to
7:34 pm
an elected government. >> that will take six to eight months at minimum. that will take a long time. >> it will. >> in the meantime, is israel just dangling and in sort of what's going on? >> israel doesn't mind us selling f-16s to egypt. we sell f-16s. we sell cadillacs to the israelis and volkswagen versions of the f-16s to the egyptians. i'd rather they buy fighter pilots from us, i'd rather their officers come to america for military training. if it weren't for our relationship with the egyptian military, this whole train would have turned sour very quickly. >> so the smartest thing would be the house and the egyptians and the president making the law. >> if egypt becomes a failed state, it's the heart of the mideast, it's the largest arab country in the world. morsi was taking the country down to a road that really did
7:35 pm
risk the whole peace process with eyisrael and the palestinis and created instability, but i think you might be right about withholding the sales, but we have to stay connected. we have to push the military to turn over the country back to the civilians and let them electricithem elect somebody. >> let's change the law tomorrow, it would be probably be easier. another question. detroit. what about detroit? >> well, let's see. we're supposed to bail out detroit. that's coming. your listeners need to understand what i said about the mideast. three things are happening that will change the mideast forever in a bad way. they're happening in front of us. but the idea of the federal government that's broke as hell, $17 trillion in debt, giving money to detroit or any other municipal that's broke is absurd. you don't borrow money from somebody who is already broke, and we're laying off defense people -- >> so what's going to happen? >> i think they're going to come to the congress, and people like
7:36 pm
me are going to say no. it's not that i hate detroit, i don't, but we're broke at the federal level, we're laying off defense workers, we're restraightening the number of military personnel because of sequestration, nine fighter squadrons are grounded. >> so you're a no? >> i'm supposed to bail out detroit when you have nine squadrons? hell, no. this is not the right thing to do. detroit needs to fix detroit, lindsey graham needs to fix washington and washington is broken, and we have enough problems of our own to solve right now. so no, no, no. >> senator, thank you, sir. coming up, republican house leader eric canter is here. he's going to tell you his new republican plans. plus the president's trip to the midwest today. you don't want to miss this. ent. axiron can restore ent. t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant
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the money pit known as the irs. you paid for the irs to do th y ridiculous line dance video. you paid for ms. lerner's
7:42 pm
salary. house majority leader eric c cantor tells us how. nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you, greta. >> my favorite topic. government waste and abuse. do you have any ideas? >> in fact, house republicans are really gearing up for one big week next week and we have a package of about 11 bills indirectly at that very point. the reason why we're really doing it is because you've seen now across the country a lot of waning, if you will, of the trust the people have in this government. and it is warranted. you hear what's going on in the irs, you look at what's going on in the white house, you look at the spending of these agencies. we've got some bills to get right at this. the first bill i want to talk about is getting the irs out of obamacare. we know what's going on at the irs, we know there are a lot of evidence -- there is a lot of evidence to demonstrate there is a political witch hunt going on
7:43 pm
in the tax enforcement agency, and yet that agency now is going to be into your health care records and help implement obamacare. that's not something we want. >> well, president obama wants obamacare. and if you were to take it out of the irs, you've got to have some mechanism to provide it even exist. are you suggesting it move somewhere else, or is that a covert way to get rid of obamacare. >> right now there are so many problems with the obamacare law. the president took unilateral action and said finally that the law was flawed and said employers wouldn't have to comply with the mandate or pay the taxes. we said, you know what, if it's good for businesses it ought to be good for working people. this law is flawed, it's not the direction we want the health care to go in this country and in fact it's damaging the economy. in fact, union leaders themselves said this law is going to create nightmare scenarios for millions of americans that are at work and will create and wreak havoc on their health care. so again, we say no to obamacare
7:44 pm
but no to the irs and obamacare. they have to rethink the whole thing because we think this thing is past its prime, we need to get rid of it, but right now i think the ire is pointed at the irs. how in the world are we going to let the irs in your health care records? >> if funding of obamacare is one of the issues, that necessarily brings into question the continued resolution and what to do come the end of september and early october? what are we -- if the republicans and the democrats fight over this, will that mean a government shutdown? because they're interrelated. >> what we're seeing is the president now concede the law is flawed. as i indicated before, last week, the republicans and the house joined by 35 democrats, one vote, 22 on the other, i believe, and said no to these man dates, no to these burdens on working people or employers. because the law is not ready, the law is flawed. the president has already admitted that. so i'm hopeful we can make some
7:45 pm
progress in a bipartisan way to say, hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. this law is not the way we want to go. >> is that fanciful, because i can't imagine we have enough democrats to get rid of it at this point. it seems to me you'll lock horns. >> can you ever imagine the white house taking a step to concede it's flawed and then right on top of that see that the leaders, major democratic unions, major democratic leaders say this bill is providing nightmare scenarios to the health and well-being of millions of american workers. so it is they who are saying what we've been saying for years that this law is flawed. but get back to the administration. you' this will be to ensure that those lavish retreats and conferences being held by
7:46 pm
agencies won't happen anymore. >> here's another idea. can't the president with just an executive order say no more conferences and he doesn't even need you if he doesn't get the president to do it? >> could very well, but the president is off giving speeches right now, he's not here in washington. >> the president could say no more conferences. >> you're darn right it could. but what our bill is going to say is a senior has to sign off, but we've got people struggling to get through the month and you've got lavish retreats and conferences going on with their employees. >> people call them conferences but they really are parties. this is a perk of the job. >> that is inappropriate. it's other people's money. it's the taxpayers' money, and this is exactly what we're trying to go after. another bill in this package for next week says, look, we've got lois lerner who is responsible for a lot of the conduct and oversaw a lot of the suspicious
7:47 pm
conduct at the irs. right now she's under investigation, and you know what, though? taxpayers are still paying her. there is not the ability under the law to put her on unpaid leave. very simple. let's do it. again, the president could easily take care of that as well, but he's too busy off giving speeches right now, not anybody. >> speaking of the president's speech, what do you think of it today? >> i've heard that speech dozens of times last year during the campaign. again, it is really time to stop pointing fingers and assigning blame and come work with us. >> why did he give this speech? >> all i can say, greta, is it is a campaign speech. the white house said there was going to be nothing new in it. there was nothing new in it. where we told the president, there are some things you can take immediate action right now in joining us to try to solve some problems. the president talks about retraining workers for the new generation of the economy.
7:48 pm
we just passed several months ago a skills act which says, yes, we need to enhance, we need to make our worker training programs efficient and we need results. all he has to do is pick up the phone and call his democratic colleagues in the united states senate and let him pick up that bill. it's something he talked about. he's off there talking about college tuition costs. the house has acted on student loan issue. in fact, we did something that was very close to what he actually proposed, and yet he's gone traveling, the senate is absent, and yet now student loan rates are skyrocketing. >> there's probably going to be a lot of backlash come recess time. the president is going off to vacation, the house and senate go off on recess and the american people just think, where are you? >> you've seen what we do in my district in richmond. i work hard as do most members of congress -- >> i know you're out doing your district, democrats are doing their district, but the problem
7:49 pm
is meanwhile we're coming up against the deadline with the continued resolution and we've got other things with waste. i know those bills you're talking about next week, those, you know, probably people like to see some action on them. >> absolutely. and we're going to call on the senate to do so. that, as you know, is part of the problem. this year we've seen passage of the skills act, we've seen the student loan issue, we've seen the bill that helps working parents have flexibility so they can spend more time with their children. wii seen more bills on the energy issue trying to bring down gas prices through deep ocean drilling in a responsible manner. has this president acted on any of that? keystone pipeline. >> have you heard from him? >> no, which is amazing. which is absolutely amazing. this president is off giving political speeches but yet could come up here to capitol hill and i think do a lot more good for the country to bring folks together on both sides of the aisle and try to solve some of these problems. >> could you go down there to the white house? >> if he'll invite us, we'll be glad to go down there. i told the white house chief of
7:50 pm
staff this a month or so ago. please, this president has an opportunity to really forge ahead in terms of trying to solve problems. but i guess it's like the white house has just decided to hang it up and say they can't do anything, and
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
>> greta: okay, everyone it's time to hash it out. the president calling washington scandal phony now, the president getting called on on twitter donald trump tweeting today, obama will give another speech on the economy, tomorrow, our country will be in the debt with 18% unemployment. former bush white house press secretary tweeting if this speech goes on any longer baby george alexander louie will be a teenager. the today's speech clocking in at one hour, seven minutes and you have so-to-see what president bush 41 just did, shaving his head in solidarity with young cancer patient. the proof is in the picture.
7:55 pm
shaving his head to show support for a 2-year-old son of a secret service member. the little boy being treated for leukemia and losing his hair. all of the members of the secret service detail also shaving their head. it's very kind that. is why everyone loves bush 41. and toughington post tweeting tailor swift's biggest fan contest over creepy factor. swift's young fans racing to enter the contest but a 39-year-old man subordinate votes and said he wanted to sniff the singer's hair the station called off the contest pretty creepy, huh? okay. use hash tag greta on your posts to hash it out with us. coming up is the royal baby headed to the u.s.? find out, next. a real gate keep. here's kevin, the new boyfriend. lamb to the slaughter. that's right brent. mom's baked cookies but he'll be lucky to make it inside.
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8:00 pm
that the royal baby could pump $380 million into the british economy. the question is how do we get this kid to move to detroit? >> greta: that is your last call go to gretawire, special question. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think it's police got a black zimmerman. the question would be whether they beat him to death. >> bill: after making those controversial remarks we wanted it talk to congressman rangel. he told me would coal on the factor but then he ran. however, jesse watters caught up with him. >> you are saying you don't think he got a fair trial? >> an intense interview with rangel tonight. >> i'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place. >> does private behavior matter anymore in politics and should it? we have a robust debate on that. >> ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee


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